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Name Num Organization B/T Height Weight Birth Date
Angelucci, Alessio30San Diego PadresR/R6'2" 190lbs 07/28/1988
Armitage, Barry35R/R6'5" 275lbs 05/11/1979
Dancer, Matthew27South AfricaR/R5'10" 165lbs 10/08/1983
Ekermans, Shannon15South AfricaL/L6'2" 185lbs 06/05/1987
Elario, Jared37South AfricaR/R5'8" 205lbs 10/14/1988
Erasmus, Justin14Boston Red SoxR/R5'10" 175lbs 01/22/1990
Hendricks, Donavon19South AfricaL/L6'0" 175lbs 03/09/1986
Jeffries, Gavin76South AfricaR/R5'9" 207lbs 11/24/1976
Lindsay, Dylan31Kansas City RoyalsR/R6'2" 185lbs 09/04/1991
Mostert, Jacobus13South AfricaR/R5'10" 165lbs 04/25/1988
Robb, Hein73Minnesota TwinsL/L6'0" 185lbs 05/12/1992
Smith, Darryn25South AfricaR/R6'1" 180lbs 08/02/1975
Verschuren, Robert3South AfricaR/R5'11" 175lbs 05/31/1984
Botha, Kyle18South AfricaR/R5'8" 180lbs 08/07/1988
Weitz, Karl88South AfricaR/R6'0" 200lbs 12/08/1988
White, Terence9South AfricaR/R5'7" 180lbs 02/12/1982
Lazarus, Justin1South AfricaR/R5'5" 170lbs 11/17/1988
Ngoepe, Gift28Pittsburgh PiratesR/R5'8" 200lbs 01/18/1990
Phillips, Anthony7Seattle MarinersR/R5'9" 160lbs 04/11/1990
Phillips, Jonathan2South AfricaR/R5'10" 191lbs 04/16/1986
Randall, Allan22South AfricaR/R5'8" 187lbs 08/17/1984
Ray, Gavin26South AfricaL/L5'10" 165lbs 03/01/1985
Willemburg, Brett23South AfricaS/R6'0" 180lbs 07/02/1984
Gordon, Martin6South AfricaS/R5'11" 180lbs
Hendricks, Zaid11South AfricaR/R5'8" 180lbs 04/04/1990
Holgate, Richard42South AfricaR/R6'1" 210lbs 03/19/1988
Rutgers, Paul20South AfricaR/R5'10" 190lbs 01/17/1984
Scott, Ashley38South AfricaR/R5'9" 205lbs 07/14/1987