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Jays Care Foundation believes in a level playing field where all Canadian children and youth have the opportunity to thrive and succeed. One way we are working to achieve this goal is through PLAY BALL!.

What is PLAY BALL!?

PLAY BALL! is Jays Care's equipment distribution program. Aligned with a major initiative launched last season by Major League Baseball, it is designed to increase access to the equipment and tools required to lead great baseball programs for children and youth facing multiple barriers.

At Jays Care we understand that there are many amazing youth workers and volunteers all across the country who organize and lead great programs for marginalized kids. We also know that some of them dream of integrating baseball into their programming but are unable to afford equipment to make that dream a reality. PLAY BALL! is the key to fulfilling that dream.

What is a PLAY BALL! equipment kit?

Each PLAY BALL! equipment kit includes the following:

  • 2 foam bats
  • 1 dozen foam balls
  • 1 dozen assorted size gloves
  • 1 set of rubberized bases
  • 2 batting tees
  • 25 Blue Jays baseball caps
  • 1 baseball manual filled with fun baseball drills, skills and activities

Who is eligible to apply for a PLAY BALL! equipment kit?

Non-profit and charitable organizations working with under-served children and youth are eligible to apply. Applications are reviewed every two months. Successful candidates are selected based on their eligibility, their demonstrated need and their ability to fulfill the reporting requirements.

How to apply?

Please check back for the next Play Ball! application period.