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Year Introduced Logo Description
1977 In 1977 when the Toronto Blue Jays began play in the American League they sported the now familiar Blue Jays logo that was designed by Toronto-based Savage Sloan Ltd.
1997 In 1997 the Blue Jays adopted a new team logo. The logo was designed by Major League Properties and brought the colour red into prominence as a maple leaf served as the backdrop for the bird logo.
2000 In 2000 the Blue Jays added an alternate logo on hats which were used exclusively as spring training and batting practice caps. The logo featured an animated Blue Jay holding a bat and reaching around a large red "T" to toss a ball in the air. The arm of the bird tossing the ball displays a red maple leaf. For the 2003 season, the alternate logo was used exclusively.
2004 Brandid, a Toronto-based firm, was selected in early 2004 from competing design teams to create a new primary mark, that would form the launching point for the rebranding process. The end result is a newly styled blue jay extending to the left from "Jays" lettering based on traditional baseball script with three-dimensional metallic letters.
2007 In 2007 the club added a "T" logo in the same style and energy of the primary marks. The stylized T-logo utilizes the similar colours as our primary marks: metallic graphite grey, blue and white and will be featured on the new batting practice cap and as a regular season alternate cap.
2011 The Toronto Blue Jays refined their classic look, using an updated version of the original Blue Jays primary mark. The logo and uniforms were created by the Toronto Blue Jays with the assistance of the Design Services division of Major League Baseball led by Anne Occi, Vice President of Design. The Blue Jays Primary Club Logo featured the Blue Jays bird head with the red Maple Leaf and ball in the centre, an arched solid blue font "TORONTO" above and scooped new split letter "BLUE JAYS" font in blue below. The logo is fully encased in a blue and white split line circle.