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Commit to Kids -- Sports Edition

The Commit to Kids Sport Edition Kit

Commit to Kids Video

Jays Care Foundation, with the support of a direct donation from R.A. Dickey, has partnered with the Canadian Centre for Child Protection's Commit to Kids – Sport Edition, which helps to create safe environments for children engaged in organized sport. The Toronto Blue Jays encourage all sport organizations to take preventative steps to ensure safe and nurturing sporting environments for children.

Sport is entrenched in our society and touches the lives of many families and children. In an effort to ensure that children thrive and succeed in any type and level of sport, the Commit to Kids – Sport Edition addresses the unique nature by which organizations, sport leaders, families and children interact within the sporting community.

Based on the original Commit to Kids program, the Commit to Kids – Sport Edition provides strategies, policies, and a step-by-step plan for reducing the risk of child sexual abuse within sport organizations. It is easy to use, and can be adapted to meet the needs of either large or small organized sport programs. The kit is designed to inspire all sport organizations to take the necessary steps to provide safe and nurturing environments for the children in their care – kids deserve nothing less.

What is included in the Commit to Kids – Sport Edition?

  • A Guide for Sport Organizations
  • A Guide for Sport Leaders: coaches, managers, team staff, officials, etc.
  • A Guide for Parents
  • Baseball Safety Card for Children
  • A video CD which includes:
    • A 15 minute training video
    • The sample Parent Survey
    • The sample Code of Conduct for Sport


Download and read through the following resources referenced in the Commit to Kids Sport Edition Kit: