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Exhibition Stadium

Exhibition Stadium

Originally built in 1959 for football and then modified in 1975-76 for baseball. It was first called the Canadian National Exhibition Stadium. The Blue Jays played there from April 7, 1977 to May 28, 1989.


  • 43,737 for baseball
  • 53,816 for football


  • Left field: 330 feet (100 meters)
  • Left-center field: 375 feet (114 meters)
  • Centre field: 400 feet (122 meters)
  • Right-center field: 375 feet (114 meters)
  • Right field: 330 feet (100 meters)
  • Back stop: 60 feet (18 meters)


  • Blue Jays: Third base line
  • Visitors: First base line


  • 12 feet, lower eight feet were padded


The Blue Jays have played one forfeit game, a 9-0 decision vs Baltimore on September 15, 1977. In that game Jim Clancy had held the Orioles to two-hits over five innings before Earl Weaver pulled his club off the field. His reason was that the tarps on the Blue Jays bullpen created a hazard for his players.


  • Foul poles are outside of playing filed. Any batted ball hitting foul pole above fence is a home run.
  • Ball sticking in fence or padding, or going through wire screen in front of general admission stands - 2 bases.
  • Ball remaining under or behind tarpaulin - out of play.
  • Ball going into bullpen bench and rebounding onto playing field - In Play.
  • Ball hitting any portion of fence or screen in back of home plate - In Play.
  • Ball hitting padding and bouncing over fence - 2 bases.
  • A fairly batted or thrown ball that crosses the yellow line in front of the dugouts is considered in the dugout.


  • North: Gardiner Expressway and Ontario Drive
  • West: Prince's Boulevard
  • South: Lakeshore Boulevard and Exhibition Place
  • East: New Brunswick Way and CNE Amusement Park


There never was a no-hitter pitched at Exhibition Stadium.


Built by Stewart-Warner, installed in 1978, was 41 feet high and 131 feet long.


Monsanto Astroturf of 160,000 square feet was the largest artificial playing surface in North America. New turf was installed in 1985.


One game was suspended at Exhibition Stadium: August 28, 1980 in a 7-5, 15-inning loss to Minnesota. The game was suspended after 14 innings due to a 5 p.m. Canadian National Exhibition curfew.

Exhibition Stadium