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Group Ticket Policies

Group Photos

  • Ticket Discount (Minimum 20 tickets)
  • Two Complimentary Tickets To A Future Non-Home Run Game (Minimum 20 tickets)
  • Scoreboard Welcome (Minimum 20 tickets)
  • On-Field Photo (Minimum 400 tickets)
  • Group First Pitch (Minimum 600 tickets)

  • Group discounts are available up until two weeks prior to Single, Double, and Triple Games and one month prior to Home Run Games.
  • All group ticket sales are final. Tickets purchased are not refundable, but you may exchange 10 or more tickets by contacting the Group Sales team at 206-346-4001 at least 72 hours in advance of your original game date.
  • No refunds or exchanges will be offered for unused tickets once the game has been played.
  • Final payments are due 15 days prior to Single, Double, and Triple games and 30 days prior to Home Run Games.

  • Select the game or games your group wants to see. Your group may want to see a specific opponent or catch a special promotional night.
  • Select a seating level. Estimate the number of seats you'll need. You don't need an exact count, as long as you commit to 20 or more tickets.
  • Request More Information or To speak with a Group Sales Account Executive please call 206-346-4001.
  • You'll be able to reserve your seats with a 20% deposit that is refundable until 15 days prior to your game date; when full payment is due. Deposits for home run games are only refundable until 30 days prior to your game date.
  • Promote your outing!