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Ground Rules

Everyone has to play by the rules. Here are the ones specific to watching Pirates games at PNC Park.

  • Official Rules and Field Dimensions

    • Ball striking dugout railings and rebounding onto playing field: In Play
    • Ball entering dugout: Out of Play (Award by Book Rule)
    • Ball on top step (lip) of dugout: In Play
    • Catch cannot be made in either dugout: Out of Play
    • Pitched or thrown ball on resting ledge of signage behind home plate: In Play
    • Batted ball in flight striking taller wall in left-center field and bounding into left field stands: Home Run
    • Batted ball in flight striking to left of vertical yellow line in right center field and rebounding into play: Home Run
    • Ball reaching the seats above the railing: Home Run
    • Ball hitting screen above scoreboard and beneath railing: In Play
    • Ball striking railing and bounding into right field: In Play
    • Left Field Line - 325 feet
    • Left Center Power Alley - 389 feet
    • Straightaway Center Field - 399 feet
    • Right Center Power Alley - 375 feet
    • Right Field Line - 320 feet

    PNC Park has a natural grass field.

    The outfield fence height varies from a mere six feet in left, to 10 feet by the left-center bullpens, to 21-feet in right in honor of Roberto Clemente.

    PNC Park also features a 410-foot nook in the alley in deep left-center field.