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7/6/2014 3:51 A.M. ET

Bautista disagrees with replay call

Toronto loses challenge on play at the plate in eighth inning

OAKLAND -- Jose Bautista has never been one to shy away from speaking out against umpires but he took it to an entirely new level after Saturday night's 5-1 loss to the A's.

Bautista was upset that umpires at the replay center in New York decided not to overturn a disputed call during the eighth inning. The incident happened when Melky Cabrera slid into home plate but was called out by home plate umpire Bill Miller.

Toronto challenged and after a brief delay it was ruled that the call on the field would stand because there wasn't sufficient video evidence to overturn the call. That's not how Bautista saw it after he took a closer look on his own.

"He missed him by a good foot or two," Bautista said of the tag by catcher Derek Norris. "I don't really know which replay they were looking at, but clearly they must have had a different video feed than the one we had."

Replay appeared to show that the back of Cabrera's jersey arguably, but not definitively, could have been touched a fraction of a second before his foot reached the plate. In defense of how it played out, it is possible the video evidence did not make it obvious necessarily that the out call on the field was egregious. 

"It's pretty frustrating for you to battle as a team, keep the game close, for our pitchers to be doing what they're doing, for us to keep grinding through games, and facing some tough pitching, and somehow be able to get an opportunity to tie the game in the eighth inning, it all goes down the drain because somebody first, initially, made a bad call to begin with," Bautista said. "And then it gets upheld by God knows who, in some room in New York, supposedly."

Bautista continued uninterrupted for approximately two minutes. He was equally upset during the game as video showed him screaming in the Blue Jays' dugout following the umpire's announcement.

Toronto's right fielder felt this incident was the latest in a long list of calls that should have been overturned in the Blue Jays' favor. He specifically pointed to a couple of plays during a recent series in Baltimore that also cost the Blue Jays a potential victory.

"This whole replay thing has become a joke, in my eyes," Bautista said.

Bautista often is not available to the media immediately after games. He's usually either receiving medical treatment or in another area of the clubhouse that can't be accessed by reporters. Bautista does then typically talk to the media but on Saturday night he was sitting at his locker and waiting to be approached.

"It's not frustration over anything else, that situation, that moment," Bautista said. "I feel like there was a chance for Adam Lind to tie the game in the eighth inning was taken away from us. Man, on second, two outs, 3-2 ballgame, we were right in it."

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