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10/09/09 1:30 PM EST

Accardo chats with Blue Jays fans

Reliever talks about this season and his future plans

Jeremy Accardo: Hey Everyone! Just got back from signing autographs at the JaysShop up at SEARS. Let's answer some questions!

dinger37: Jeremy, thanks for chatting. How do the guys feel about having such a young GM in Alex Anthopoulos? Do you guys think he has what it takes to turn the ship around?

Accardo: It feels good to shake things up. Sometimes that is what teams need to get to the next level and hopefully get us into the playoffs.

cndnbat: What is your favorite stadium to pitch in?

Accardo: My favorite stadium to pitch in would be one of any of these: San Fransisco, San Diego or Fenway. The first two are pitchers parks and they're beautiful and Fenway is great for the history and the fans -- they make it majestic.

bigbat80: What are your plans for the offseason?

Accardo: Hang around Toronto for a few weeks then I'm off to Arizona for my wedding. After the wedding, we have American Thanksgiving, back to TO for the Bills' game in Toronto and the Suns vs. Raptors game. Honeymooning in Europe and then back home to train for the 2010 season.

umran94: Hey Jeremy, how is it playing for Toronto? Do you see your self playing for another team, if yes which team?

Accardo: I love playing in Toronto. The city and the fans are great. I would love to play for Toronto the rest of my career, but sometimes things change and if I got to pick where to play I would say somewhere on the West Coast.

badger81: Do you keep in touch with any of your teammates over the winter?

Accardo: I keep in touch with most of my teammates throughout the years. With our team whether it be just a quick text to make'em laugh. I talk to [Casey] Janssen, [Shaun] Marcum, [Scott] Downs -- a lot of the guys.

billybob29: From a fan's perspective it would seem as though there is a division between pitchers and hitters in the Jays clubhouse. Would you agree with this statement and is it common on other teams?

Accardo: I don't think that there is a division between pitchers and position players, being that I hang out with more position players than pitchers. The team is a family and everyone pulls for one another.

winner92: Brad Arnsberg seems to get a lot of praise for his work with the pitchers. What is it that makes him so liked?

Accardo: The time that he puts in the videoroom. The preparation that he puts into every series. Also the relationships that he has with each of his pitchers.

umran94: Hey Jeremy, here's a situation: bases loaded, two out. How are you feeling?

Accardo: It doesn't bother me at all. Those are the situations that pitchers like to be in -- myself especially. It's almost easier to pitch in that situation than with the 12-run lead with nobody on, nobody out. The pressure is on the hitter.

toronto75: Who is the toughest batter to get out for you personally in the league and why?

Accardo: He's retired now, but it was Jeff Kent. Actually, almost any hitter that plays for the Dodgers, I've struggled against them. Also, Derek Jeter. I must have faced him 10 times this year and I didn't get him out once. He fouls everything off and pitching at Yankee Stadium isn't easy.

fouler56: Jeremy, thanks for the chat. Give me a honest answer, do the guys like playing for Cito or not? Can what happened in September be repaired?

Accardo: What happened in September can definitely be repaired. Sometimes the media can blow things a little out of proportion. Playing for Cito has been great. He's a big baseball figure in this city and in Canada and who wouldn't want to play for him?

mnstershot: What are the crowds like in Vegas? Is it a baseball city?

Accardo: The crowds in Vegas are hit or miss. Definitely on Thirsty Thursdays they get a wild crowd.

mpjohn: What was Barry Bonds like as a teammate?

Accardo: He was great to me. And it was amazing to watch him every time he stepped up to the plate.

Sports_fan: Hi Jeremy. I heard that you were at last year's Bills game in Toronto. Are you going again this year? And what do you think about the Bills playing in TO?

Accardo: I will be attending the Bills game in Toronto on December 3. I think that it is great for the city. And also for the Buffalo Bills to broaden their fan base. I had a great time last year. And I'm almost positive this year will be even better. If you want to join me, go to billsintoronto.com to get your tickets. Wink Wink.

luvjays92: How happy were you guys for Aaron Hill winning the Comeback Player of the Year Award?

Accardo: I'm sure everybody on the team was stoked for him. He deserves it after going through what he did last year and the year he had this year. Nobody deserved it more than him.

jaysjays5: Accardo, you're the man! I keep reading blogs hearing about Beeston's address to the team. What did he say to you guys? Do you guys believe in the direction?

Accardo: The meeting was short and sweet. It got to the point. He assured everyone in the room that the organization's goal is to bring a championship back to Toronto.

clubber45: Who is the biggest ladies man on the team (other than you)?

Accardo: Haha -- other than me?!? I don't know -- you could probably take your pick from all of the young kids that we have up now.

umran94: Hey, thanks for taking your time off to answer our questions. Here's my question, would you ever like to be a starter?

Accardo: I know most pitchers would, but I don't ever find myself wanting to start. I like showing up every day knowing that I might play that day. I don't know what I would do on the off-days. I've never started.

toronto75: What is it that makes some pitchers good starters and others good relievers?

Accardo: I would say its a mindset. At least from a reliever's standpoint. Some people like the four days of preparing. Some people like showing up every day ready to go and if you do have a bad outing you know the next day you might be able to get the ball again so you don't have to wait and think about it.

mnstershot: You mentioned on the FAN590 that you and Marcum were also position players in college. How do you think he became a starter and you a reliever/closer?

Accardo: He had pitched quite a bit more than me through college. And other than that, I would have to say it was just the organization's view of each of us with the Blue Jays with him and the Giants with me.

cndnbat: Is there anything in particular you hope to work on during the offseason? Are you hoping to acquire a new pitch or work on anything else mechanically?

Accardo: This offseason my goal will be to get in good shape and to just fine-tune the small things that need fine-tuning. No major changes in my eyes.

bigman67: Thanks for chatting! I love that you guys do this! What is your opinion on the Doc situation? Do yo think he will be back?

Accardo: Not too sure what is going to happen this offseason. It's hard to say, it's still early. Either way you bring the best pitcher in the league back or if they do move him you get four or five great prospects.

billybob29: Were you always a baseball guy or did you play any other sports? When did you start to think that you really had a shot of becoming a pro baseball player?

Accardo: I was always a baseball kid. And I did play almost every other sport. Two that I really loved was soccer and basketball. But deep down my goal and dreams were to play professional baseball.

havok22: I have watched Derek Jeter bat over the years, and every time I see him at the plate I always think he will find a way to get on base whether that is through a walk or a basehit. Why is he so difficult to retire for pitchers?

Accardo: His approach at the plate is one that there is no real good way to pitch him. You have to throw him in and out, up and down and even then most of the time he fouls it off. That's why he is one of the best.

badger81: When you enter a game as a pitcher, do you come in with a different mentality if it is a closing situation versus a hold? If so how does your approach change and which do you prefer?

Accardo: Both situations are one in the same. You're still pitching with the game on the line whether it is the seventh, eighth or ninth inning. The tough part is pitching in a game that is not so close -- that is a hard mindset to get into. Some pitchers love to be in the pressure situations. And some don't. I guess that is what separates relievers.

accardo1: Hey Jeremy, who are you rooting for to win the World Series?

Accardo: I am rooting for the Yankees in the AL and also the Dodgers in the NL.

leafsjaysfan: Do you watch the NHL? If so which team?

Accardo: I watch a lot of hockey. I have some friends that play, so I usually root for their teams. But, if I had to pick three that I watch more than others it would be the Rangers, the Red Wings and the Phoenix Coyotes.

havok22: You closed games for this team in the past and I believe you saved 30 in 2007. Do you see yourself maybe in that role again next year?

Accardo: I would love to close again. But, then again, some guys had really good years last year too. And just pitching and helping the team win would be good for me.

crak: Jeremy, I would have like to see you more in the season. What do you think you're going to do to stay out of the Minors next year, and why do you think you were sent down so often?

Accardo: That's a very good question that I don't even know if I have the answer to. All I can do is pitch and everything else beyond that is out of my hands.

mpjohn: What was your favourite Triple-A ballpark to pitch in?

Accardo: Memphis and Portland.

Sports_fan_2: Who was your favorite player growing up?

Accardo: My favorite player growing up was Will Clark. And most of the guys that played on the Giants at that time. The Giants Spring Training was in my hometown.

mpjohn: How did you get started playing baseball?

Accardo: I think it was just put on me by my parents. My earliest picture of myself is with a glove, bat and a ball. I was just brought up around it.

Sports_fan_2: Who is your favorite catcher to throw to?

Accardo: I've been pretty lucky in my career with the catchers that I've gotten to throw to. I've enjoyed throwing to them all.

bootsmcg: Jeremy, what was with the beard? Superstitious? Are you a quarter bear? How can I grow a wicked beard too?

Accardo: Just don't shave for awhile. I'm not superstitious, just did it for no real reason whatsoever.

mpjohn: What did you study in college? If you were not a baseball player, what would you be doing?

Accardo: I studied construction management and engineering. And if I wasn't playing or coaching baseball, I would like to see myself building houses.

Sports_fan_2: Who from the Vegas team has a chance to make the big club next year?

Accardo: This year in Vegas we had a lot of good players, most of whom could play in the big leagues. Some of those guys did come up and did very well. Some of those guys that didn't make it up were J.P. Arencibia, Buck Coats, Brian Dopirak.

leafsjaysfan: What kind of music do you like?

Accardo: I listen to everything, it just depends on the situation. But, if I had to pick I would say "chill music," old country and maybe some rap.

Accardo: Thanks for chatting and for all your support. We as players really do appreciate it. Hope to see you next year!

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