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09/08/09 7:37 PM ET

Millar chats with Blue Jays fans

Veteran answers questions about his career and the future

Kevin Millar: Hey everyone -- I'm here! Thanks for being here to chat with me, looking forward to your questions.

trixialynn: Now that Alex Rios is gone, do you think the Blue Jays will play better without him?

Millar: Financially, it was a business decision and it freed up $60 million for the future of the team to maybe help sign some more guys like [Marco] Scutaro or other pitchers to go along with Doc [Halladay] . Ultimately, it gives some more flexibility to the organization and it was the largest waiver claim in the history of baseball.

fantfoot: Kevin, I heard your a big Steve Young guy? Is this True? I am a Niner fan, what's your take on the Michael Crabtree holdout?

Millar: Steve Young is a friend of mine that I met five years ago and we do a Children's Miracle Network golf tournament in Hawaii each year. And, he has been out to take batting practice with us in Oakland when we play the A's and does not have a very good baseball swing. The Crabtree holdout? I think that he will be signed and that he will be one of the elite rookie receivers this season.

raze73: How do you like Toronto so far? What do you like to do on off-days when the team is at home?

Millar: Love Toronto. Probably has the best weather in the summertime that I've been a part of. Seventy-five degrees and blue skies is hard to beat. Texas is 100 degrees and humidity. Clean city and great food -- we enjoy it. On days off I've been to Great Wolf Lodge with the kids and wouldn't mind hitting up African Lion Safari sometime soon.

salesdog: Kevin, you played with Pedro [Martinez] in his prime, and now Halladay. Who would you pick to pitch a Game 7 of the World Series?

Millar: They'd be one and two. That is a great question. I think Pedro in his prime was more intimidating. Doc is more of a polished pitcher. Question who I'd start... I'd go with Doc in a Game 7.

mateo1234: Hey man, the team seems really flat right now, and a lot of guys seem like they are just going through the motions. Do you agree with that statement? As a vet, what types of things do you do to help keep everyone focused?

Millar: Yeah, I believe that the team is a little flat right now and it is tough when you're mathematically out of it towards the end of August, but this is when you have to dig deep as a group and finish the season out because a lot of these guys the eyes are on them for next year and for a guy like Cito, [Gaston, Blue Jays manager] you're watching to see who is finishing strong and who is quitting. My advice is that there are a lot of eyes on you now and that you're playing for next year too, especially to the young pitchers or the young guys like [Randy] Ruiz or [Travis] Snider. Even the vets like [Vernon] Wells and [Lyle] Overbay -- you want to make sure everyone is on the same rope.

soney123: Why did you change your number when Alex Rios left?

Millar: I had been [No.] 15 since I was in ninth grade and I would have asked him for his number but since I was a non-roster invitee at this point in my career but Alex was their right fielder and signed with the team for a few years. Five minutes after he was gone, I asked for my number back. My nickname is One-Five though. Everyone has nicknames, it is usually either your number or your last name.

throb12: Hey Kevin, people always say you're a "character of the game". Is this something that you do to keep everyone loose, or is this just your natural personality?

Millar: I think a lot of it is my natural personality -- I would think that I'm always been a little bit off. I enjoy my teammates, the clubhouse, the game. I was never the best nor most talented player, but always felt like I loved it more than anyone. Part of my job was to make everyone understand that we play a game for a living and that everyone should have a good time while we are doing it.

basethreat: Kevin, thanks for taking time to do this. Be honest, was it your idea to have all the Red Sox players take a shot of whiskey before Game 7 vs. Yankees?

Millar: Yes. We did a "symbolic toast" prior to Game 6 at Yankee Stadium. It was misty raining and they were playing this Yankee-ography and I told Terry Francona we were not taking batting practice outside so we hit in the cages. I went and got some stuff for everyone to do a symbolic toast.

badger81: Hey Kevin, I remember always seeing you talking to a Jays fan (Andrew, I think his name is) even when you were playing with the Orioles. How did you guys meet when you were playing with Baltimore?

Millar: Andrew hangs out at the hotel for hours and hours at a time and basically he tagged along for lunch one day. We knew he was an Orioles fan, and just over the years, when we got in, even in late hours he was there.

bigbat80: Hi Kevin, thanks for chatting with us. You seem to be the life of the clubhouse. Who is your favorite teammate to give a hard time?

Millar: My favorite teammate to bug is Vernon Wells or Rod Barajas. Twist between the two of them. They're easy targets. Barajas has the biggest ankles... "Biggest Kankles" in baseball. Vernon is just plain 'ole fun to take jabs at and joke with.

clwoodfan: I see you chatting with the opposition frequently at first base, what do you talk about? The weather? The game?

Millar: Most of the time, if people get to first they're very happy because they got a hit or a walk. Only guys that aren't happy are the ones that got hit. Generally speaking it's 'How's your family?', 'Where's a good place to get something to eat?', If Doc is pitching then it is usually about how nasty his pitches are and how hard it is to get a hit off of him. Stuff like that.

paddlepop: Hi Kev, where do you see yourself in 2010?

Millar: Good question. I would love to still play. It has been a rough year, personally, first time being a bench player. I didn't do a great job with my role, to be as consistent as I wish I could have been. So, I would like to go into this offseason, work on my swing and work on a way to be consistent enough for next year and make a team somewhere.

dastfreadsv: If you're stuck in a desert island and can only bring 5 things, what would they be?

Millar:1. My BOSE system for my iPod; 2. Phone; 3. Hooters Restaurant (for the wings); 4. Golf Clubs; and 5. a Harley

oxygen88: You're a well-spoken, well-traveled player, do you see yourself in coaching, the broadcast booth?

Millar: Yeah, something to do with the game. I love baseball whether it is on the field or in television. But I'm not going to worry about that until I'm done -- but yeah, something to do with the game.

jaysguru: What player did you look up to as a kid?

Millar: I grew up a big Dodger fan in L.A. I loved Pedro Guerrero for the LA Dodgers.

kevin1979: On a lighter note, when Marco Scutaro had two home runs in one game earlier this season. What did you say to him when he kissed the bat?

Millar: Kiss my bat. I wanted him to kiss my bat so that I could hit a home run also. And I believe the bat that he used was the shortstop's bat for the Indians!

erinblarin: How long does the clubhouse mourn the trading of a friend/player?

Millar: It's always a sad day because you are a family. But, that is the business. You get over it though over text messages and Sportsnet Connected.

cakesnd: Having faced Doc...and now as a teammate, can you explain to me what makes him so good and so tough to face?

Millar: He's got tremendous preparation and has a purpose for every pitch that he throws. He has a gifted 95-mph fastball to go with his cutter and his command is far above anybody else's in the league.

trixialynn: If you could be anyone else in the world for a day, who would you like to be?

Millar: Shaq! That guy is huge!

oxygen88: Was Manny [Ramirez] really just being Manny or was there more to it?

Millar: No. Manny was being Manny. He is a very unique individual. Probably the greatest right-handed hitter anyone has seen, but you just want to choke him on certain days for Manny being Manny but a very good friend.

rainrain08: If you [were] not a baseball player, where would you work?

Millar: If I wasn't a baseball player... in my dream world I would be playing in the NFL and be a strong safety. In reality, I'd take up golf and practice enough to hopefully maybe make the tour.

BrendanS: What is your favorite and least favorite stadium to play at?

Millar: Favorite stadium of all time is Fenway because of the green monster, its always sold out and a great hitters park. Besides Fenway, I always enjoyed going to San Fran -- it has a great atmosphere and you're right by the water. Least favourite stadium would be Minnesota, the Metrodome. It was always kind of stale. Oakland too. They're my least favorites.

Millar: Thanks for your questions. Sorry I didn't hit higher this year for you guys off of the bench. But, thanks for the support and the Blue Jays will be back. Catch you all later.

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