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08/24/09 3:52 PM ET

Lind chats with Blue Jays fans

Discusses playing in Toronto, old school rap music, more

In a Web chat, Blue Jays outfielder Adam Lind talked about playing in Toronto, the current team, old school rap music and more.

Lind: Hey, everyone ... Hope your day is going well. Thanks for logging on and wanting to chat with me for a bit today before our game tonight. Looking forward to seeing what some of your questions are.

thesven55: Who were your favorite players growing up?
Lind: Ken Griffey Jr. and Frank Thomas

ahill4mvp: Hey Adam! Who is your best friend on the team, who are you closest with?
Lind: Brian Tallet.

mpjohn: Would you rather play DH or in left field?
Lind: Left field because I get to be out on the field with the rest of the team, sweating and grinding it out.

Jeff_24: Hi, Adam. With this season being your "official" break-out season for the Blue Jays, what, if anything, has changed in your approach at the plate from previous seasons?
Lind: Just experience and gaining confidence in the big leagues has been the biggest thing.

sportsguy6: You always have the coolest walk-up music. Are you a fan of old school rap?
Lind: Yeah. Well not real old ... and I'm not real old. But when I started listening to rap music in the mid- to late-90's, then yeah I'm a fan of all that, if you think that is old.

coolguy231: Hey Adam, you should have been in the All-Star Game! What did you think about the whole Final Man vote?
Lind: It was a great experience. It was cool to have everyone on the team wearing the shirts for me. It was good to hopefully get my name out there for next year.

ahill4mvp: What is your favorite park to play at?
Lind: Safeco Field in Seattle: great city, great clubhouse, good food. A lot of Jays fan show up to support us there, too.

Jeff_24: Hi Adam. Do you see yourself taking a leadership role on this club, even perhaps as early as next season?
Lind: Um, I'm still pretty young compared to a lot of the guys on this team now and who knows what will happen and who we might get this offseason, so just going with it right now.

ping23: I see your birthday was back in July. Happy 26th. Were you in Toronto for your birthday this year, and did you do anything special?
Lind: I was in Toronto. It was our first game after the All-Star break but we had a day game the next day so didn't do anything too special.

trixialynn: Now that Alex Rios is gone, do you think that the Blue Jays play better without him?
Lind: I think that we lost a good player and wish him all the best.

dastfreadsv: Hey Adam, I'm a huge fan of yours. At the beginning of the year I had a bet with my friend that you'd hit more home runs than Aaron Hill. Lately it's not looking too good for me. Can you please beat Aaron Hill in hitting more home runs?
Lind: Okay.

scerry: Who was most influential in your baseball career growing up?
Lind: Probably my dad just because whenever I wanted to go out and play and throw or hit, he would go with me. Not a lot of kids gave up the pool and just playing around the way I did. So yeah, my Dad.

etown_jays: Adam, who do you credit most for helping you develop the swing you now have. It is one of the nicest swings in the Majors. Was it something that just came naturally?
Lind: To be honest, it was pretty natural. I did a lot of swinging but nobody really ever tweaked with my swing. I did work a lot at it though.

brewjays71: Hey Adam, what are your plans for the offseason? Will you be in Toronto at all, and how do you stay in shape over the winter?
Lind: I will be in Toronto a few times. Really to begin the offseason, I don't do too much. I usually start back on the treadmill and whatnot the day after the World Series ends. I always hope it goes seven games!

wamco12: Adam, Toronto is such a great city with so many things to do. What do you enjoy doing on your days off in Toronto?
Lind: Actually, I like to go to my girlfriend's parents' house. It's just out of the city and I'm a bit of a country boy, so it's a little quieter up there.

dastfreadsv: Is there any chance that you could steal more bases in the future? I think you have the speed and can do it a lot more.
Lind: Nope!

monsterswillrule: Hey Adam! Do you do any rituals before a game?
Lind: I guess you could say so. I start to get dressed at the same time every day and put uniform on the same way, more of a routine than a ritual.

iluvmyjays: Do you guys play jokes on one another at all?
Lind: Not too much now that Rolen is gone. He had the seniority to do whatever he wanted. He'd make Doc (Roy Halladay) get him his dinner!

seggs34: Did you ever go to the Little League World Series?
Lind: I've been there but never as a player.

mlbjays: Hey Adam, in the beginning of the year, I was watching ESPN and it said you have the potential to hit 20-25 home runs. You have surpassed that, and I think you can hit 35. My question is: What is your goal in home runs?
Lind: Just to hit as many as I can. I wanted to hit 20 and now just going from there.

fvycfghe: Do you like hitting third in the lineup?
Lind: Yeah. It's kind of an honor to say that you're hitting third in the lineup for a team in the AL East.

shadownos: Congratulations on the amazing season you are having. In the warmup just before a home game, you take a bat out on the field with you and take a few swings. Is this something you have always done throughout your career? Is it habit? Superstition?
Lind: It's pretty much the same thing that I've done since high school so yeah, eight years.

walteryyys: Donnie, how are you doing and how is Big Al?
Lind: What's up J-Wise?????

monsterswillrule: This has nothing to do with baseball, but who is your favorite band?
Lind: I don't know. I don't really buy music anymore for the bands, more just certain songs.

bren6850: Why number 26?
Lind: It was in my locker when I got to the big leagues.

eastcoastjaysfan: Hey Adam, what is your opinion on Randy Ruiz and how good of a chance does he have to make the big club next year?
Lind: Yeah, he probably has as good of a chance as anybody, but we'll have to see what transactions happen in the offseason.

iluvmyjays: Adam: What is it like playing for the only team in Canada?
Lind: It's special.

kokobeans_2: What is your plan when you go up to bat?
Lind: Swing as hard as I can!

lind_lover: Hi Adam, I'm Nicole and I've been a fan of yours since I was 6 years old. I've done three projects on you and I've been to the game on your birthday (July 17th). Unfortunately, I couldn't get the chance to meet you. I just wanted to let you know I'm your BIGGEST FAN!
Lind: Thank you.

deanna86: How old is your dog, and how did you pick the name Zara?
Lind: My dog is 10 months. The name just came from throwing some out there and this one just kinda stuck.

jmeloche: What are some of the best perks of playing in the Majors?
Lind: Paychecks and just getting to play baseball. Getting to do live Webchats!

seve04: How do you or others determine what pitch is being thrown (i.e. fastball, slider, curve, splitter, changeup)? Does it matter, for example, if you are expecting a fastball but instead you quickly determine it is a curveball -- does that change your swing?
Lind: No. I just wait until the ball is in the air and just react. You don't really have much time to think -- you react.

reedjohnsonfan: Lind, thanks for coming to chat. I'm just wondering what your favorite moment of the season has been to this point?
Lind: Probably when we were in Oakland and seeing Rickey Henderson give his jersey retirement speech.

phily_g: Who's the most colorful character in the clubhouse?
Lind: Kevin Millar.

lind_lover: Which pitcher is the hardest to hit against?
Lind: Probably Jon Lester.

dastfreadsv: Do you play fantasy baseball? If you do, do you have yourself in your team? Do you check your stats at all? Your stats look pretty amazing.
Lind: No I don't play fantasy baseball.

seve04: What do the pre-at-bat talks with Cito consist of?
Lind: Sometimes it can be about life, it can be about the pitcher. I mean, it just depends on his mood really.

Lind: Alright, everyone. I gotta go -- game tonight. Thanks for logging on, though. J-Wise, I'll call you later.

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