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07/02/09 7:58 PM ET

Jays great Alomar chats with fans

Discusses his time playing in Toronto and the current team

During a Web chat, former Blue Jays second baseman Roberto Alomar talked about playing in Toronto, the current team, what's he's doing since leaving baseball and more.

Alomar: Good evening to everybody, thanks for coming to the chat.

Winshot: Hey, Robbie! thanks for chatting! What do you plan on wearing when you are inducted into the Hall?

Alomar: If I ever get into the Hall of Fame, I will be going in as a Blue Jay. That is my goal.

bigbat80: Hey, Robbie, outside of Toronto, what was your favorite city to play in?

Alomar: I love every city that I played in, however I did love Cleveland and Baltimore, because I got to play with great ballplayers. I especially loved Cleveland, because I was able to play with my brother Sandy.

Winshot: Which member of the 1992-93 teams were you closest with? Do you guys still keep in touch?

Alomar: We all keep in touch a lot. I love touching base with everyone. I like seeing Kelly Gruber, Tom Henke, Paul Molitor, Joe Carter and all the guys. I was really close to all of them, but I would say that I am closest to Cito Gaston.

pchan882: Did you ever play any other positions besides second base growing up? Were you ever a pitcher? If yes, how fast could you throw?

Alomar: I was a pitcher when I was in Little League. I won 14 games and didn't lose a game. I signed as a shortstop, but shortly after I was moved over to second base.

Mainman: Hey, Robbie, your dad and brother are both still in baseball. Any chance you would think of returning as a coach or manager?

Alomar: I would love to. Hopefully next year. I would like to see what happens with the Hall of Fame and then go from there. I would love to get back in baseball in some capacity with the Blue Jays because of my relationships with Cito Gaston, Paul Beeston and the fans.

thesven55: What was your favorite moment of your career in the MLB?

Alomar: I have a few of them. The first would be getting my first Major League hit, which was against Nolan Ryan. The second, of course, would be winning the World Series, which is the dream of every ballplayer. The third would be hitting the home run off [Dennis Eckersley] to help us win the series against the Oakland A's in 1992. Another would be playing in the All-Star Game with my brother in 1991.

Winshot: What are you doing now? I read in the newspaper that you recently got married. Any truth to the rumor?

Alomar: Yes, I got married June 1. Everything is going well.

Manderson: What was it like growing up playing baseball in Puerto Rico and when did you realize you had potential to make it to the bigs?

Alomar: The city I came from was not very big. All there was to do was go to school and play baseball. As such, I really dedicated myself to those. I always wanted to play in the big leagues and was able to sign when I was 17 years old with the San Diego Padres.

Beefaronie: Will you be signing autographs on Aug. 7 at Rogers Centre for flashback Friday?

Alomar: I just heard from the Blue Jays today that I will actually be singing autographs outside Rogers Centre on Saturday, Aug. 8, from 11:45 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. ET outside Gate 5.

lovemyjays: Hi Robbie. Thanks for all your efforts as a Blue Jay! When you retired from baseball, what was the biggest challenge for you?

Alomar: My biggest challenge was to realize that I was entering a new chapter in my life away from baseball. I have now entered the business world and am enjoying my life away from the game but still have hopes of getting back into baseball in some capacity.

pfist: You were so much fun to watch. Every time you made a dazzling play you had a big smile on your face. I love to see emotion. Why do you think so many players are reserved on the field?

Alomar: I don't really know. I can only really speak for myself, but I just loved playing the game. I like to play the game with passion.

Manderson: Some say Aaron Hill has Alomar-like hands. Do you agree with this comment?

Alomar: I think Aaron Hill is doing a great job this year. After coming back from a severe concussion, he is playing great defense and hitting the ball really well. I think he is a great player and will continue to play hard for the Jays.

Teeko: Hey, Robbie! The Jays have seen a lot of recent success after Cito took charge. What was different about playing under Cito?

Alomar: Cito is a nice easy going guy. He is a true student of the game and knows how to get the most out of his players. I learned everything from him on and off the field. He was the best manager I ever played for and I consider him to be like a father.

thesven55: Who were your favorite players growing up?

Alomar: Growing up my idol was always my dad. In terms of my favorite player, I would say it had to be Jose Cruz Sr. Being from Puerto Rico as well I always looked up to him.

brygasm: What is your favorite part of Toronto as a city?

Alomar: I love Toronto. I had the most fun there. It was fun, clean and safe and I look forward to coming up whenever I can. I am really looking forward to coming up in August for the Back2Back reunion and seeing the fans and old friends.

JMmm: Where do you call "home" these days?

Alomar: I call Florida home. I would love to call home Toronto but right now it is Florida.

snowman007: Do you follow who plays in the MLB now and, if so, do any second baseman stand out in your mind?

Alomar: There are a lot of great second baseman playing the game right now. Robinson Cano, Aaron Hill, and Orlando Hudson are all great players who play with a lot of power and are great defensively.

thesven55: What was your favorite stadium to play in?

Alomar: My favorite stadiums to play in were Rogers Centre and in Baltimore and I like Cleveland too. Rogers Centre was my home but I also liked Baltimore and Cleveland because they had a really great baseball feel.

jonbh45: What do you think of the direction of the Blue Jays franchise right now? Would you be interested in rejoining the organization in some capacity?

Alomar: I think the Jays are heading in the right direction. Yes, I would like to come rejoin the organization as a special advisor or coach.

pchan882: Does Cito ever talk about the 2009 Blue Jays with you?

Alomar: We do chat about this year's team. Cito thinks they are a good team and I agree. We both believe they can be competitive with the Yankees and the Red Sox.

Spilly: I am 9 years old and love playing baseball. What advice can you give me so I can grow up and play as well as you?

Alomar: Continue to work hard and to follow whatever dream you have in life. You can do anything as long as you put your mind to it.

alexsisdad: Who is your best friend from the Back2Back years ? Who are you closest with?

Alomar: I am close with all my teammates.

gobjsgo: Hey, Robbie! What do you do in the business world?

Alomar: I own and operate a few businesses. Some are even here in Toronto and some are in Puerto Rico. You can always stay up to date with me at RobertoAlomar.com.

Alomar: Thank you to all the fans that participated today. I am looking forward to seeing all of you guys at the reunion Aug. 7-9. Check bluejays.com/back2back for all the weekends events. See you then!

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