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04/09/2008 8:02 PM ET
Paul Godfrey comments regarding $2 Tuesday promotions
tickets for any Major League Baseball game
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"The Toronto Blue Jays organization does not tolerate activities that detract from the wonderful, safe family entertainment we provide at Rogers Centre. Last night, the disruptive and inappropriate behaviour of some fans that had purchased tickets as part of our "$2 Tuesday" promotion created an unpleasant and negative experience for others in their vicinity. We do not condone such behaviour and we wish to take those steps that we can to help to prevent it in the future.

"We will be implementing the following alcohol-management and security changes for upcoming "$2 Tuesday" dates. These changes are designed to protect the experience for the majority of our fans. First, no alcohol will be sold or permitted in the "$2 Tuesday" seating areas. Second, we have advised our security staff to implement enhanced measures to prevent persons from bringing outside alcohol into the building or entering the building if inebriated. These enhanced measures will include increasing the security presence for these game dates and increasing the number and extent of inspections of belongings and persons entering our stadium. While these measures have the potential to create line-ups and delay in entry into the building, the integrity and enjoyment of our product outweighs these inconveniences. Should anyone wish to return a previously-purchased for an upcoming "$2 Tuesday" date, they may do so by contacting our ticket office at (416) 341-1234.

"It is unfortunate that some persons have conducted themselves in such a way as to diminish the enjoyment of others. We at the Blue Jays are committed to making all of our games the great and fun-filled family outing that our fans deserve."

-- Paul Godfrey, President and CEO

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