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Anthony Castrovince has been a reporter for since 2004.

  • August 19 1:46 AM ET

    Beastly battle in AL East tough to top

    It's time to check in on the division standings -- meaning, where the division races stand in relation to each other. We'll have plenty of time to sort through the migraine-inducing math that will accompany the Wild Card craziness. For now, here's a ranking of the six division races, in order of intrigue. More»Castrovince ranks the division races
  • August 17 11:29 AM ET

    Miller brings unique relief perspective to Tribe

    Cleveland Indians relief pitcher Andrew Miller delivers against the Los Angeles Angels during the seventh inning of a baseball game Sunday, Aug. 14, 2016, in Cleveland. (AP Photo/Ron Schwane)There was Andrew Miller again Tuesday night at Progressive Field. The 6-foot-7 physical embodiment of what has been a long-standing but infrequently applied assertion of the sabermetric community. More» Miller fans one over two perfect innings
  • August 10 10:00 AM ET

    Fulmer, Naquin among top AL ROY Award candidates

    This year, the discussion for the AL Rookie of the Year Award is not simplified to a single position, and it's not loaded with guys who were darlings of the prospect-ranking world, either. More»Castrovince gives his pick for AL Rookie of the Year
  • August 09 1:51 PM ET

    Why Tebow's tryout could be positive for baseball

    Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Tim Tebow handles a football before a preseason NFL football game against the New York Jets Thursday, Sept. 3, 2015 in East Rutherford, N.J. (AP Photo/Bill Kostroun)By and large, the Major League industry reaction to the news Tuesday that Tim Tebow wants to give professional baseball a shot was what one would expect it to be. There was some snark, some shrugs, some cynicism and some dismissal of it all as a "publicity stunt." More»MLB Central discusses Tebow trying to play baseball
  • August 09 12:37 PM ET

    No clear favorite for AL Cy Young Award

    There's no elegant way to put this, so let's just come out with it: The American League Cy Young Award race is a hot mess. More»Castrovince looks at candidates for the AL Cy Young
  • August 08 11:52 AM ET

    Old foes praise Ichiro's greatness as a hitter

    Maybe it's an exaggerated recollection, because ballplayers have been known to weave tapestries out of tall tales. But Jon Lester claims that somewhere among the more than 30,000 pitches he's thrown in his time in the big leagues was a curveball that bounced in the Seattle dirt -- "It barely reached the cut of the grass," Lester said -- and then into the bat of one Ichiro Suzuki, who turned the bouncer into one of his now 3,000 base hits. More» Ichiro triples for his 3,000th hit
  • August 08 10:00 AM ET

    Ramsay's life not measured by stats

    Rob Ramsay with his wife, Samantha.Those who know Rob Ramsay know there was so much more than his two seasons in the Majors to his story -- a story that came to a sudden and heartbreaking ending last Thursday, when the doting husband and father of two young boys suffered the seizure that would claim him at age 42. More»
  • July 31 1:40 PM ET

    No Lucroy, but Miller trade is special for Tribe

    Leverage is a powerful tool, one that can have applications on the October stage and one that can have implications in the midseason trade game. On a wild Sunday morning in the summer swap market, the Indians dramatically improved their late-inning leverage with the addition of Andrew Miller, while simultaneously suffering the effect of Jonathan Lucroy's contractually negotiated trade leverage. More»Ken Rosenthal phones in to talk Andrew Miller trade
  • July 30 1:51 AM ET

    Five teams with biggest needs at the Deadline

    In the lead-up to Monday's non-waiver Trade Deadline, teams can upgrade any number of ways. It doesn't have to be as ridiculously obvious as the Cubs taking their need for lefty relief help and turning it into Aroldis Chapman. More»MLB Central makes some Trade Deadline predictions
  • July 28 10:00 AM ET

    10 potential bullpen upgrades for Nationals

    Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo has built another NL East title contender. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)Dusty Baker admitted Wednesday that the Nationals "don't know" what the solution is for the struggling Jonathan Papelbon. And because the effects of age are something even a wise pitching coach like Mike Maddux will struggle to fix, it's time -- especially with the non-waiver Trade Deadline fast approaching -- for the Nats to consider alternatives. More»High Heat discusses closer situation for Nationals
  • July 27 11:56 AM ET

    Suitors? Matching Deadline buyers, sellers

    Weeks of anticipation and searching for just the right fit culminates in an Aug. 1 finale. But enough about "The Bachelorette." Let's talk about the fast-approaching non-waiver Trade Deadline. More»Jon Heyman talks potential trade deadline deals
  • July 21 5:16 PM ET

    Commish: MLB weighs pros, cons of reliever limits

    Among the suggestions for how to improve baseball's pace of play is the notion of limiting the number of times a manager can go to his 'pen in a given inning or a given game. And it's a suggestion that Commissioner Rob Manfred, in an interview on ESPN's Mike & Mike on Thursday, said is under consideration. More»
  • July 19 1:01 PM ET

    11 unheralded players who could be had at Deadline

    Before I romanticize the concept of potential bargain buys in the trade market, I must first provide a public disclaimer that the discreet Trade Deadline deal doesn't always work out. The Dodgers, as an example, grabbed Mat Latos instead of meeting the price tag for David Price or Cole Hamels last year and, well, let's just say they would have been better off with Price or Hamels, OK? But sometimes there is great value to be had out there. And in a 2016 market especially thin on starting pitching, it's incumbent upon GMs to seek it out. More»Castrovince looks at under-the-radar trade options
  • July 15 11:18 AM ET

    5 trades contending clubs could try to make

    New York Yankees relief pitcher Andrew Miller delivers during the eighth inning of a baseball game against the Los Angeles Angels at Yankee Stadium in New York, Monday, June 6, 2016. The Yankees defeated the Angels 5-2. (AP Photo/Kathy Willens)Trades! I was going to come up with a more intricate or artful way to begin this piece, but at this time of year, that single word is enticing, distracting and titillating enough to get the job done, don't you think? The non-waiver Trade Deadline is a mere 17 days away, so it's time to get serious about this swapping season. More»Castrovince on possible trade-deadline deals
  • July 14 10:00 AM ET

    Who could supplant Joe D? Players weigh in

    We asked a wide variety of current players, managers and coaches to look around the Major League landscape and pick the one guy they think is actually capable of topping Joe DiMaggio's famed 56-game hitting streak. Our informal survey uncovered a single, clear-cut, vertically challenged but statistically sound victor. More»Will anyone beat Joe DiMaggio's 56-game hit streak?
  • July 13 1:25 AM ET

    Catalyst Hosmer captures All-Star Game MVP

    Royals first baseman Eric Hosmer was named the winner of the Ted Williams Most Valuable Player Award presented by Chevrolet at Tuesday night's All-Star Game presented by MasterCard, which the American League won over the National League, 4-2. More» Hosmer receives ASG MVP Award
  • July 13 12:12 AM ET

    Manfred, union chief Clark tackle CBA issues

    At a meeting with the Baseball Writers' Association of America on Tuesday morning before the All-Star Game presented by MasterCard, Commissioner Rob Manfred and MLBPA president Tony Clark separately addressed some of the major points of interest with regard to the CBA and other matters. More»Manfred discusses San Diego as the 2016 ASG host
  • July 12 1:30 AM ET

    All-Star Game: 7:30 ET/4:30 PT on FOX

    To all of the players assembled in America's Finest City -- the ones who will take part in tonight's 87th All-Star Game presented by MasterCard (7:30 p.m. ET/4:30 p.m. PT on FOX) -- well, what can we say? Giancarlo Stanton gave you a tough act to follow. More»All-Stars talk about being a part of Ortiz's last ASG
  • December 06 9:54 PM ET

    “You learn to sleep at night with the price you pay”

    By Anthony Castrovince/ On Twitter: @Castrovince On the day Robinson Cano got $240 million from the Mariners and Curtis Granderson got $60 million from the Mets and Scott Feldman got $30 million from the Astros, Chris Antonetti met with reporters in the Terrace Club at Progressive Field to discuss… uh… the chicken marsala lunch special? […] More»
  • November 20 3:50 AM ET

    “Tell me how do we get this thing started?”

    By Anthony Castrovince/ On Twitter: @Castrovince NOTE: This post has been updated with news of the Indians coming to an agreement with David Murphy. A small sliver of insight into the Tribe’s offseason spending strategy rests in the simple fact that when Tim Hudson fielded final offers earlier this week, the Indians had made what […] More»
  • October 03 5:48 AM ET

    A loss. And a win.

    By Anthony Castrovince/ On Twitter: @Castrovince When it was over, and the sea of red had begun to disperse, revealing the undertow of green plastic seats, a few hundred fans remained near the home dugout, standing, applauding. This American League Wild Card game against the Tampa Bay Rays did not go to plan Wednesday night. […] More»
  • September 30 8:23 PM ET

    “You’ve got to walk it, talk it, in your heart”

    By Anthony Castrovince/ On Twitter: @Castrovince The last club Terry Francona managed went 7-20 in September to complete one of the great collapses in baseball history and end his otherwise successful tenure in Boston. This Tribe club managed by Francona went 21-6 in September to complete a stunning surge that, while undoubtedly schedule-aided, rejuvenated local […] More»
  • September 29 9:58 PM ET

    “Surprise, surprise, come on open your eyes”

    By Anthony Castrovince/ On Twitter: @Castrovince Totally did not see this coming. I was optimistic, but not this optimistic. I was a believer, but not this big a believer. I knew the Indians would be better this year, and not just because things couldn’t have gotten much worse than the 2012 freefall. I knew an […] More»
  • September 27 7:11 PM ET

    “One step closer to knowing”

    By Anthony Castrovince/ On Twitter: @Castrovince Within a whisker of a postseason berth, the Indians are coming to the conclusion that they have no closer. Chris Perez is not a closer right now. With a 7.85 ERA, .350 average against and 1.116 OPS against in 18 1/3 innings over his last 19 appearances, he’s a […] More»
  • September 26 1:50 PM ET

    Manager of the Year?

    By Anthony Castrovince/ On Twitter: @Castrovince A Boston beat reporter got in touch with me the other day, because he has an AL Manager of the Year vote and he wanted to make sure he did his due diligence all the candidates, rather than just circling John Farrell’s name and being done with it. He’s […] More»
  • September 24 3:26 PM ET

    “Been waiting for tonight”

    By Anthony Castrovince/ On Twitter: @Castrovince Well, this figures, right? Ubaldo Jimenez arrives here as a would-be ace with so much wanted and expected from him. And for the better part of two calendar years, he stinks, quite frankly. In the 2011 playoff chase, when the Indians are desperately trying to keep pace with the […] More»
  • September 18 6:36 PM ET

    “We got one last chance to make it real”

    By Anthony Castrovince/ On Twitter: @Castrovince None of the individual narratives seem to do justice to how fun and frustrating and ecstatic and exasperating and inherently weird this Cleveland Indians season has been. The Indians return home Thursday for the final homestand of 2013. They’ve got a remaining schedule – four against Houston, two against […] More»
  • September 10 2:07 AM ET

    “Try and catch the wind”

    By Anthony Castrovince/ On Twitter: @Castrovince Yan Gomes walked by, and an Indians official said, “There goes our starting catcher.” Indeed, the transition is complete. Gomes has started at catcher in 22 of the Indians’ last 36 games. Publicly, Terry Francona says what you’d expect him to say, but the proof is in the pudding […] More»
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