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2002 Draft order

The order of selection for the 2002 first-year player draft (Rule 4), scheduled for June 4-5, includes 11 compensation picks between the first and second rounds, nine for Type A free agents lost after the 2001 season and two additional picks for the failure of the Reds and Indians to sign first-round draft picks in 2001.

Teams are awarded compensation in the form of draft picks based on the type of free agent involved. A team losing a Type A free agent gets the first-round pick of the team that signs the player, as well as a supplemental pick. A team losing a Type B free agent receives only the signing team's top pick. In both cases, a team selecting in the top half of the draft rotation cannot lose its first-round pick. The loss of a Type C free agent provides a team a pick between the second and third rounds.

Following is the order of selection for the first round and supplemental rounds, along with adjustments in the second, third, fourth and fifth rounds.

Teams losing Type C free agents to minor-league contracts will only be compensated if the player makes another club's major-league roster.

Club Pick From For (Type)
1. Pirates
2. Devil Rays
3. Reds
4. Orioles
5. Expos
6. Royals
7. Brewers
8. Tigers
9. Rockies
10. Rangers
11. Marlins
12. Angels
13. Padres
14. Blue Jays
15. Mets
16. Athletics Red Sox Johnny Damon (A)
17. Phillies
18. White Sox
19. Dodgers
20. Twins
21. Cubs
22. Indians
23. Braves
24. Athletics Yankees Jason Giambi (A)
25. Giants
26. Athletics
27. Diamondbacks
28. Mariners
29. Astros
30. Athletics Cardinals Jason Isringhausen (A)
31. Dodgers Chan Ho Park
32. Cubs David Weathers
33. Indians Juan Gonzalez
34. Braves Steve Karsay
35. Athletics Jason Giambi
36. Cubs Rondell White
37. Athletics Jason Isringhausen
38. Cubs Todd Van Poppel
39. Athletics Johnny Damon
40. Reds Jeremy Sowers
41. Indians Alan Horne
51. Dodgers Rangers Chan Ho Park (A)
56. Cubs Mets David Weathers (A)
65. Braves Yankees Steve Karsay (A)
71. Yankees Cardinals Tino Martinez (B)
72. Indians Marty Cordova (C)
82. Indians Rangers Juan Gonzalez (A)
87. Tigers Mets Roger Cedeno (B)
96. Cubs Yankees Rondell White (A)
112. Cubs Rangers Todd Van Poppel (A)
142. Rockies Rangers Jay Powell (B)

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