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Rays 50/50 Raffle

50/50 Raffle

Through the Rays Baseball Foundation Foundation 50/50 Raffle, one lucky fan at Rays' home game will walk away the winner of a cash prize. Fans may obtain 50/50 raffle tickets from uniformed raffle ticket sellers starting when gates open until the end of the sixth inning. No purchase or contribution necessary to enter or win. There is a suggested minimum donation to the Rays Baseball Foundation.

The winning ticket will be announced during the 8th inning over the public address system and posted on the stadium video boards. The winning ticket should be presented at Gate 3 Guest Services in order complete paperwork. Entrants need not be present to win. If winning ticket is not presented at the game, the ticket holder will have 10 days to deliver the ticket to the Rays Baseball Foundation. One winning ticket will be selected each home game from entries at that game.

The winner will receive 50 percent of the gross proceeds from the game's raffle ticket donations that day, and the other half will benefit the Rays Baseball Foundation. All expenses associated with the raffle will be borne by the Rays Baseball Foundation. See raffle rules and regulations.


Game Winning Ticket Winning Amount Prize Claimed? Total Raised Winner Charity Raffle Prize
March 5
vs. Orioles
A-27162 No $920
March 6
vs. Twins
A-27556 No $720
March 8
vs. Phillies
B-29635 No $1,945
March 10
vs. Pirates
C-88889 No $760
March 12
vs. Blue Jays
D-48333 No $1,755
March 15
vs. Mets
F-83556 No $2,265
March 19
vs. Twins
G-46520 No $1,525
March 20
vs. Blue Jays
H-34832 No $2,220
March 21
vs. Twins
I-43834 No $1,050
March 23
vs. Pirates
J-92135 No $1,425
March 26
vs. Yankees
K-52520 $1,500
March 28
vs. Red Sox
L-75307 $2,390
March 30
vs. Orioles
M-47994 $1,030
March 31
vs. Red Sox
N-60294 $570
April 6
vs. Orioles
A-57480 $15,660
April 7
vs. Orioles
B-10195 $3,360
April 8
vs. Orioles
C-39570 $4,770
April 17
vs. Yankees
D-48159 $10,725
April 18
vs. Yankees
E-52184 $10,905
April 19
vs. Yankees
F-24605 $20,220
April 21
vs. Red Sox
G-18148 $8,170
April 22
vs. Red Sox
H-59547 $6,690
April 23
vs. Red Sox
I-32465 $6,870
April 24
vs. Blue Jays
J-27904 $6,645
April 25
vs. Blue Jays
K-11316 $8,590
April 26
vs. Blue Jays
L-26213 $8,600
May 1
vs. Rays
M-44133 $5,110
May 2
vs. Rays
N-14269 $6,165
May 3
vs. Rays
O-51645 $9,465
May 7
vs. Rangers
M-44438 $2,510
May 8
vs. Rangers
N-19571 $3,665
May 9
vs. Rangers
O-16232 $11,540
May 10
vs. Rangers
P-41946 $7,760
May 11
vs. Yankees
Q-41629 $4,375
May 12
vs. Yankees
R-15782 $2,195
May 13
vs. Yankees
S-45099 $5,135
May 14
vs. Yankees
T-37385 $5,885
May 21
vs. Athletics
U-32999 $4,855
May 22
vs. Athletics
V-30636 $5,645