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Ankle Injuries Shouldn't Be Rushed




On Sunday, June 5, the Red Sox placed Blake Swihart on the 15-day disabled list for what manager John Farrell described as a severe ankle sprain. The injury happened the day before, when Swihart ran full-speed into Fenway's left field wall while chasing down a foul ball. He made the catch, but the play came at a price.

"Ankle injuries, although somewhat common in sports, are a serious injury," says Bridget Quinn, MD, a primary care sports medicine physician in the Division of Sports Medicine and Shoulder Surgery at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. "The main concern here is that ankle injuries can lead to future ankle injuries, which can have serious effects on an athlete's immediate and long-term performance by impairing balance, strength and overall stability.

Swihart was able to walk off the field under his own power, but the Red Sox are being cautious. The team says they'll keep him immobilized for two weeks…

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