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Join the team and live the dream at the 2017 Orioles Dream Week in sunny Sarasota, FL
from January 22-28 and take part in the experience of a lifetime!


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Be a part of 2017 Orioles Dream Week in Sarasota, and you'll have a chance to meet many of your favorite baseball heroes from over six decades of baseball in Birdland. Live out your childhood dreams of being a Major League Baseball player alongside Orioles Legend Jim Palmer and former Orioles like Mike Boddicker, Al Bumbry, Rick Dempsey, Mike Devereaux, Chris Hoiles, Scott McGregor, and many more. Play games at the Orioles baseball facilities at the Buck O'Neil Baseball Complex and Ed Smith Stadium in Sarasota, FL, get instruction from the pros and hear the stories from the guys who lived the dream. No matter your skill level, any Orioles fan age 30 or older will be thrilled by this experience of a lifetime.

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Have additional questions? E-mail or call (410) 547-6063.

STANDARD PACKAGE PRICE: $4,601.00 (includes 7% FL Sales Tax)

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Seven (7) days/six (6) nights hotel accommodations in Sarasota, FL
Roundtrip airfare between Baltimore and Tampa and ground transportation to and from Sarasota
Transportation to/from the ballpark each day
Breakfast and lunch each day at the ballpark, just like the big leaguers
Personalized authentic home and batting practice Orioles uniforms and cap, along with other authentic accessories (bring your own glove and non-metal cleats)
Your own personalized clubhouse locker and access to playing equipment
Games and instruction each day
Access to the team clubhouse staff and medical ATC's (trainers).
Social events throughout the week, including an Opening Night Reception, mid-week barbecue and Closing Night Awards Banquet
Q&A and autograph opportunities with the pros
Dream Week Camp Video from the Orioles' award-winning video productions staff
Team and pro staff photos as well as your own baseball card
Camp gifts and other extras
Reunion Game at Oriole Park at Camden Yards during the 2017 season!

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I haven't touched a baseball in 30 years and I don't want to make a fool of myself.
This is the single biggest concern among new campers. We can't stress enough that there is no pre-requisite for experience, talent or physical prowess. The camp is meant to be fun, and we have campers of all ages and abilities. All that is required is that you enjoy the Orioles and the game of baseball.

Do most people attend with a friend or attend on their own?
There really is a mix. Some friends and co-workers come down together, and there are father/son combinations, even mother/son and father/daughter combos. But about 75% of campers come down completely on their own. It's a chance to meet and socialize with other Oriole fans, and many lifelong friendships have gotten their start at Orioles camps.

What is the average age of a camper?
The minimum age to attend camp is 30 years old. Our campers range in age from 30 to 80+ years old. The median age at last year's camp was 51. Regardless of age, each camper has the same opportunity to play -- as much or as little as they want to take part.

I'm a woman who loves baseball and would like to play. Can I take part?
Every year we have several women who take part who want to experience the thrill of putting on the uniform and playing baseball. We have a separate locker room for women and once on the field, they are "just one of the guys".

What equipment do I need for camp?
We provide a full authentic home white and batting practice black Orioles uniform tops, as well as pants, belt, socks and undershirt. We also provide all bats, helmets, catchers gear and other general baseball equipment. Each camper should bring their own glove, non-metal cleats and any accessories they may want for the week (sunglasses, batting gloves, etc.).

Are there photographers and videographers available to capture the week's events? Yes. We have professional photographers and videographers on site throughout the week to capture the events. You'll receive a team photo and one with all the pros. Additional photos will be available for purchase both at the camp and afterward. We provide a video after the Reunion Game as part of the package at no additional charge.

Are family and friends allowed at camp?
Yes. Friends and family are allowed to attend all games free of charge. We do discourage general fans from attending the games, as this is your time to be with the pros and we want it to be a special experience. If you wish to have your family member or friend attend the social functions and meals, these are available as part of the Fan Package which includes access to all events, transportation and other special amenities.

Do I need a rental car?
Transportation is provided to/from the Airport for those on the group flight, as well as between the hotel and ballpark each day. It is not necessary to rent a car and is entirely up to you if you decide to do so.

What is the Dream Week Reunion game?
As part of the Dream Week package, all campers are invited to take part in a reunion game with their team at Oriole Park at Camden Yards during the 2017 season. There is no additional charge for playing in the game, but travel arrangements are on your own. The date of the game will be determined once the 2017 MLB schedule is released.

What kind of physical shape should I be in for camp?
We recommend that ever camper try to be in the best shape possible to fully enjoy their Dream Week experience. At the same time, we are not training to become professional athletes in one week so don't go overboard. Fun and moderation are the themes of the camp. The Orioles professional athletic training staff will be on-site at all times to help with any injuries or sore muscles that may arise.

The Dream Week experience was everything I hoped for and more. I can't decide if the most enjoyable part was the actual playing of the games on beautiful baseball diamonds or the easy access to the pros all week long.

--Bob Jacobsen

I thought the entire week in Florida was superbly managed. The facility is exquisite. The equipment men, dining staff and trainers were thoroughly professional and responsive to our needs…And most importantly, the pros, to a man, were personable, approachable and-even with the old "Dads" in camp - infinitely patient.

--Mark Kimble

Sometimes people sign up as infielders or outfielders, and you find out they can throw the ball okay, so they end up pitching. It's a chance for them to do something they never had a chance to do growing up.

--Mike Boddicker, 1983 ALCS MVP

I have sat beside Hall of Famers on the bench just like they were my teammates in little league and discussed baseball. I have had the best hitting instruction ever in my life…When you attend this event you actually become one of them and live every minute as they do and they are very normal guys and love us fans!

--Bob Shawver

The coolest thing is getting to know the pros, sharing a little of the life they led, hearing their stories. It's a whole bunch of people getting together, sharing the love of baseball. It's a big alumni group and I'm just happy to be a part of it - I hope I can continue to be a part of it for many years.

--Mitch Ohl

It's fun to work with the players and see their improvement through the week. Last year was my first year as part of the staff, and if the campers enjoyed it as much as I did, I know they had a blast!

--Alan Mills, former Orioles relief pitcher